Finish What You Started Scholarship

Colorado State University Global is pleased to partner with COSI, the Colorado Opportunity Scholarship Initiative, in the distribution of financial support to eligible Colorado-based students interested in returning to CSU Global to finish earning their bachelor’s degree with us.

Individual grants of up to $4,000, dispersed over the course of degree progress, will be awarded to eligible students who meet the criteria below.


Scholarship Criteria

To be eligible for financial support through this program, formerly enrolled CSU Global students must:

  • Be bachelor's degree seeking, Colorado residents, who have at least 60 credits earned towards a bachelor's degree
  • In good academic standing with CSU Global
  • In good financial standing with CSU Global
  • Apply for and be approved for re-entry to CSU Global
  • Complete a CSU Global Finish What You Started Application and be approved to participate
  • Have a current FAFSA submitted with a 0000 EFC at the time of re-entry to demonstrate financial need and must fully leverage all non-loan-based funding
  • An additional scholarship of $1,000 will be awarded after every 12 credits completed at CSU Global, up to a maximum payout of $4,000 from the COSI funding. As such, the first award at time of start will be $1,000, followed by an additional $1,000 at the completion of 12 credits since re-entry, an additional $1,000 at the completion of 24 credits since re-entry, and a final scholarship of $1,000 at the completion of 36 credits completed since re-entry.
  • Students who demonstrate exceptional needs beyond their financial aid package and the total $4,000 grant scholarship can reach out to their Student Success Counselor about additional support that may be available.
  • Recipients are subject to all institutional scholarship terms and conditions.


How to Apply

  • Complete your application for re-entry via the Document Center in the Student Portal
  • Complete the FAFSA
  • Complete the application for the Finish What You Started Scholarship
  • Order any outstanding academic transcripts
  • Contact Enrollment at (800) 462-7845